MYOB Premier

Premier multi-currency does all this

In MYOB Premier you can enter transactions in a number of currencies, in addition to your home currency if you like. It is easy to record transactions in dollars, pounds or any other currencies you use when buying and selling goods and services. MYOB Premier makes it easy to track overseas current accounts and foreign assets and liabilities.


Real-time multi-user updating

With MYOB Premier, the need for awkward and time-consuming batch processing is eliminated. Entries in MYOB Premier are done in real-time. This means that you will always have a current view of your operations.

In fact, you can even see your Analyse Proft and Loss information change right before your eyes as orders are written and bills are paid. And users will have an accurate picture of the inventory levels of your products at all times.

With MYOB Premier, you can organise your time more efficiently. When you purchase MYOB Premier, you have a licence that allows up to three users to work on your data file at the same time. Just think. One person can be entering invoices, while two others are depositing customer payments. And if you need more than three people in at once, or as you add employees, you can easily add them to the workflow.

With the built-in Online Help system you will quickly learn MYOB Premier and find solutions to common ‘real world’ problems.

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