Accounting and Tax Services

Accounting and Tax Services

With over 15 years of combined experience, knowledge, and understanding in accounting and tax services in Thailand, we offer our clients insightful and customized solutions. We have built a culture of proactive and we create a long-term relationship with our client. Our trained professional team is dedicated to providing reliable, accurate, and quality services.

1. Bookkeeping and Tax Services:
Prepare full-cycle bookkeeping: gather and analyze data from all transactions, record the transaction, provide bank reconciliation, track payables and receivables, prepare financial statements.

Manage tax filings; Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax, and Corporate Income Tax.

Corresponded with management and third-party inquiries in accounting & tax matters.

2. Cloud Accounting Services:
We are your go-to cloud accounting services. This cloud-based accounting hosts data remotely and securely online. Our expert cloud accounting & bookkeeping team has a deep knowledge of how to run your application efficiently including Xero, QuickBooks Online, and desktop accounting applications like MYOB (via RDP; Remote Desktop Protocol or VPN; Virtual Private Network ).

No matter what kind of cloud storage application you are working on – dropbox, google drive, or Hubdoc – we can assist to sync your documents to your accounting application. We can help you simplify your process and go paperless.

Not only do we have our based customers in Thailand, but we also provide our cloud accounting service to our clients based in Singapore and Malaysia. No matter where you are, we can deliver an impressive customer experience and compliance with the appropriate accounting standard.

3. Accounting Consultant Services:
We will help you make changes to your company’s accounting processes and procedures for improved efficiency. We assist our clients to put the right accounting practices in place including the accounting application that suits their needs. We offer both cloud accounting or traditional desktop accounting systems and determine what accounting services you need. We will support your in-house team in smoothly transitioning to your new process.

Our accounting consultant will implement a bookkeeping schedule as agreed upon, so you receive the reports you need, on-demand as well as on predetermined deadlines. And then, of course, our accounting consultant will meet with you to help you understand the significance of these reports.

We introduce our clients to services that help them analyze financial information so that they can make important business decisions with the financial reports we provide. The key financial reports include project costing, profit center, sales analysis by-products, by customers or by a sales representative, inventory analysis, cash flow forecast, budget & actual comparison report. You will receive a customized reporting package that includes our analysis and commentary on the performance required by your head office.

We will organize monthly management meetings to monitor your business finances. Our experienced accountant who will attend your management meetings, will provide advice on improving the profitability and performance of your business and address other concerns in accounting & tax matters.

4. Tax Consultant Services :
As an experienced tax consultant, we study our client’s business by analyzing financial and tax problems, formulating solutions, and making recommendations designed to provide advice on taxation for each of our clients. We help clients understand the tax effects of each financial decision to ensure compliance with government regulations.

We can act as representatives of clients in a case of a tax audit with the Revenue Department.

We have expertise in serving clients both domestically and Internationally.

We offer a tax preparation service – preparing tax returns for clients to ensure compliance with Thai government regulations. We support our clients in filing a tax return. We also offer a service supporting online tax filing, which is convenient, cost-effective, and saving your time at year-end making the tax preparation process smoother. Our tax professionals are equipped with the tools to navigate your various tax compliance and planning needs while minimizing your tax obligations. Our tax experts will make tax simple for you.
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